Bipolar Winter

by Scanning Antarctica

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released June 17, 2014



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Scanning Antarctica Massachusetts

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Track Name: Thief

Itch it’s…on me…bawdy
Plebeian wry content
Asylum skirting ‘bout the best I’d ever want it to be
Cankers in kerosene rest inside the vetted self
Swollen Time
Another prophet holds the price of dreaming
So leave out the innocent and lance that boil of double stance
Parlay the bet you owe, let go the waste of what you know

The ides shift the plane
A burnt spot of hope on the blanket of indecision
So don’t blink…nobody’s coming
To rescue thought in a world stuck in long division
Still the feeding swarms
Be on the ready, the concepts of many
Are disinterred through life…through…
Treason trumps in idle humps and I can feel it
Shades are one, the scene is done…and I can see it
When the meat is spoiled…close your mouth and back away
The ratchet slips…no more I seethe
The talent of who cares less
The blunt and stolid work of a thief

That parade never came by, the festooned arch wilted
Forlorn gifts to foiled shills
Uncompromised…I’ll smile when the rock rolls down that hill
On pace with something that you’re ripping apart
Another nullified scribe…just a child pretending

I can see it’s best…what you’re doing to be
I can see it’s best to make it sound
Brash and flaccid…a fool in a jar
Another sugarfied vibe that you place into the barter
Brash and flaccid a fool in a jar
Another sugarfied vibe that you place until you cannot
Put It Down

Set fire…
to your love and your want
there’s a limit to the trust you bought
you can’t hide
Set fire…or…to let it go
Track Name: When Dead Letters Change
When Dead Letters Change

Cancerous obstruction says I’m not alone
Want to qualify the feeling not enough to follow it home
I can’t sleep anymore though my life has grown tired
Afforded the weight of pending pages
Attached to my golden shrine
I can’t talk…fear wants to

Ornamental healing always fights it’s own
Holding bastardized feelings
Small enough to swallow it whole
I can’t sleep anymore still my life it grows tired
Born and raised in selfish ways
The past to graze in brilliant sunshine

I can’t talk…I can’t breathe
Thanks survives…though we try
Over and over we’re fastened to thoughts that we grieve

We hold the light when our world gets darker
We hold the light of a world so sick…When dead letters

Calm you out of everything the plaster starts to show
The blessed fall of misdirection is not the only one you know
You tap that feeling over ones you’re unsure
With a candle, coda, coddle, cup of coffee
Compromise occurs

And a world forgets to listen
Scrutinize the things that we think
Seems a part of the human condition
Scoffing down failure and hoarding the crumbs
As we sleep….

Still our world forgets to listen
Euthanize the things that they think
Crying wolf in a room full of beggars
New condition, new condition
There are no accidents and happenstance can’t be unmade
A vaulted lie had crawled out…burned slowly
And fell just like a star
They’ll turn it all against the one and only still crowned phony

We hold the light when our world grows darker
We hold the light on a world so sick
Track Name: Everything

I’m climbing up in the atmosphere
The want is soft, yet stiffer here
Bloody is the energy…where words are not forgiven

High too much…bleating the line…it’s implausible
Titan thrusts and then calmly aligns

Still I’m drowning out the esoteric words inside that follow me
Glass blown angels…falling from a tree
Of a world they could not bring…when desperate is a part of…

Going nowhere…leather chimes and old champagne
And when the dealing swarms along saying…’we’re saved’
Well I’m not sipping…cause a war will find you bread

Still I’m drowning out the esoteric words that are a part of me
Glass blown angels falling from a tree
In a world they could not sing
Insular and part of…everything
Track Name: Rust On The Rust
Rust on the Rust

Scratching the surface…no fear of the portent
Plastic to progress

The chafe on the skin of the world…is hidden
The largesse fermented yet all is forgiven
They’ve taken…all but me
The shoots lay all around they’ve been jarred from the tree
When the feeling comes when less is some but more than none
Than logic is done…I can see
Soon the feeding comes with bleeding gums
And the magic of the rising sun falls through the sea

And my breathing is hard…still I’m feeling
You just can’t blink and stop what you’ve ever known
Disharmony has shored up the blight of our days

Gold lines, fleck into me, so cash in on the weight of our flesh
Still you wander the ants to the end alone
As we purchase redux from the friends you know

Wise and saintly, never breaking
Torch the thrill it’s yours for taking
Suck the marrow…toss the bacon
Feel and fly, patronize and stand aside it’s your own guise
Ennui…is blinding
Wretched self-coring…a mild sense of nothing
Fasting our druthers while others keep doing the same
Thing pending, never ending…

Parched by a sham that will rip you asunder
Quenched by a thirst that will never subside
What keeps our toes tapping?
It’s not the rust on the pipe…it’s the rust on the rust
Track Name: In The Fortress
In The Fortress

The quick set fosters the shallow decree
As theatre panic flows within disease
The polished banner, the naked truth
The will to exit as pointing signs follow you

Cold inferno, Chiaroscuro…shot!
Kettle painted, moment tainted
Do you believe who you are?

A sinner…misplaced with arms raised in a hollow state
Will suffer the same small fate

I’m in the fortress…shackled with fine
Plucked out with forceps and basted in holy wine
In the fortress there’s no better time
To lean the columns into a straight line
And I’m so lost when I’m so tame
Everything seems cold when everything is the same
I want no more damage…what more can I do
Whole inside, mollified, touching me…is saving you

The nuance is yours to pack into the square
Another day another drying coat of laissez faire
Not done
Lost to my friends…tied to the end…not done seeking

All work and no play…I sit inside of the box all day

The sweetest sound you’d ever sold
The one with tempered advice
Yet she won’t laugh through disgrace
And it’s so easy for the world to buy and I’m
Another perfect fit in imperfect times
Filled with plastic components
Sun bleached, discontinued content
Eden lost its stride, foiled enterprise
Gone what I could see
Gone…what was left of me
Eden lost its stride, foiled enterprise
Gone the vision’s clean…born another dream
Still everybody will try to bind the weeds to break us down

I’m in the fortress…I’m in
Track Name: None To Harm (Merrimack Plaza)
None To Harm (Merrimack Plaza)

I'm peeling off this fight
I feel not what you're feeling
Karma breaks a little off
When wretched forms align the norm
The fools are everyone
And the ladder breaks a little more

We own our father's debt
And no want resets
The war to settle down
Unabridged and under clouds
It's perverse, divine
Imperfect and true
And the pain completes you

I'm waiting for the sun
Yes I'm waiting for the son to arrive
In a mass of ire

I want to laugh away
Corrections from my blind lit face
When I've believed it's
All been measured play
Supplied to bleak enclaves
Divided street unchanged

The less you give
The more you ask for...
The carnies on the lot
Sell us pretend...
We're all too young to face apologies
And benign indifference is the paste of flailing worlds
It sticks the coma through the fault of our rise

So...defect and trade
The bliss-less balance of regret
Sits in the pocket of a cyst
And no measure can
Pull it through saved
Anathema the bleeding scum
Unfurled, unsung...unwilling

What's never meant to be
Is dumped in always has
The great retention just a glimpse of hell caught up in the gate
When there's nothing in the way to hold up
What can be found...
A bullet in the weighted shoulder
The mercy crown

Discard the things
I've lost between them
In spite of the reasons to codify
I'm bound through excuses
To quantify...
The fire in a mother's charm
Smoldering rented guile
Forever less...we shine out
Til all the lessons grind down...there's nothing left to try

Indentured fallout
A muddled disease
It chews you up and spits you out
My passive stance
Is thrown out of mindNew transcendental model screams
Forever less...we shine out
To Everest we shine on...

Flaws accept us all
That deed we sign together
Strides will come undone
Unseen and fully weakened
The tide can push through the well
The bleeding binds forever
And one reads another one
There's no hero's trace
Just a confidant
And only a liar could
Concede the lessons died out

There are none to harm