None To Harm (Merrimack Plaza)

from by Scanning Antarctica

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None To Harm (Merrimack Plaza)

I'm peeling off this fight
I feel not what you're feeling
Karma breaks a little off
When wretched forms align the norm
The fools are everyone
And the ladder breaks a little more

We own our father's debt
And no want resets
The war to settle down
Unabridged and under clouds
It's perverse, divine
Imperfect and true
And the pain completes you

I'm waiting for the sun
Yes I'm waiting for the son to arrive
In a mass of ire

I want to laugh away
Corrections from my blind lit face
When I've believed it's
All been measured play
Supplied to bleak enclaves
Divided street unchanged

The less you give
The more you ask for...
The carnies on the lot
Sell us pretend...
We're all too young to face apologies
And benign indifference is the paste of flailing worlds
It sticks the coma through the fault of our rise

So...defect and trade
The bliss-less balance of regret
Sits in the pocket of a cyst
And no measure can
Pull it through saved
Anathema the bleeding scum
Unfurled, unsung...unwilling

What's never meant to be
Is dumped in always has
The great retention just a glimpse of hell caught up in the gate
When there's nothing in the way to hold up
What can be found...
A bullet in the weighted shoulder
The mercy crown

Discard the things
I've lost between them
In spite of the reasons to codify
I'm bound through excuses
To quantify...
The fire in a mother's charm
Smoldering rented guile
Forever less...we shine out
Til all the lessons grind down...there's nothing left to try

Indentured fallout
A muddled disease
It chews you up and spits you out
My passive stance
Is thrown out of mindNew transcendental model screams
Forever less...we shine out
To Everest we shine on...

Flaws accept us all
That deed we sign together
Strides will come undone
Unseen and fully weakened
The tide can push through the well
The bleeding binds forever
And one reads another one
There's no hero's trace
Just a confidant
And only a liar could
Concede the lessons died out

There are none to harm


from Bipolar Winter, released June 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Scanning Antarctica Massachusetts

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